Scope of the workshop


Electron Microscopy with High Temporal Resolution


Tremendous progress has been made in the past years in the development of transmission electron microscopy with high temporal resolution. Pulsed electron beams make the timescale of picoseconds to femtoseconds accessible to microscopy with nanometer spatial resolution. With continuous electron beams, the millisecond time scale has been reached at atomic resolution by using new cameras and detection systems.


The scope of the workshop is the presentation and discussion of the state of the art in transmission electron microscopy from the millisecond to the femtosecond. Exciting scientific results and technical developments make this new direction of electron microscopy a highly productive field of nanocharacterization with increasing importance in the understanding of structural and morphological changes at the atomic scale. Electron microscopy with high temporal resolution has already found numerous applications, from materials science to biology, in the study of dynamic phenomena such as transient states, phase transformations, or chemical reactions.



Topics of the workshop

  • Ultrafast TEM with stroboscopically pulsed electron beams for the investigation of reversible transformations

  • Dynamic TEM with single or few pulses for the study of irreversible processes

  • New developments in the generation and application of ultrashort electron pulses

  • Applications in imaging, electron diffraction and electron energy-loss spectroscopy

  • High-speed TEM with continuous beams and direct electron detection cameras

  • Other new techniques of in-situ TEM at the (sub-)millisecond time scale



The program includes invited talks of internationally renowned scientists, contributed talks and poster presentations.


The workshop will be held from 29 to 31 May 2017 in the beautiful Eurométropole Strasbourg in France. 





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